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Jim Wachtel


The Mitsubishi Electric iQ-F PLC comes with Ethernet built in. One of the many things this Ethernet port may be used for is a Web Portal. This Web Portal gives the user access to important data in the PLC by simply using a standard Web Browser. Things like serial number, firmware version, errors, and diagnostic information are easily accessed.

A user can also check actual data running in their PLC program. Not only can they read the data, but if they log in with the right permissions, they can change the data as well! Imagine small OEM machines that may not come standard with an HMI. Things can easily be configured and setup in the machine by simply using a smart phone or tablet. A simple WiFi access point on their network would allow them to easily access the data on the iQ-F Web Portal.

The Web Portal has a few pre-defined screens. However, if the user wants to implement something more unique or specific, they can do so by using html to create their own custom screens. Simply adding an SD Card to the iQ-F PLC would allow the user to store countless html screens.

Here is an example of a built in screen:


And here is an example of a user developed screen:


This is a very powerful feature that comes standard in the iQ-F (FX-5U) PLC! Easy to implement and a great way to communicate with your machine, especially if your machine does not have an HMI on it. Check out the Web Portal on your Mitsubishi Electric PLC today!

Methods of Networking to Connect to iQ-F Web Server
Access to PLC Web Server

WiFi Access directly to PLC Web Server

Remote Access to PLC Web Server





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